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Kingston Data Traveler 3.0 microDuo

  1. OTG Credit Card Pen Drive
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It comes with 2 years of warranty.

OTG Credit Card Pen Drive

The pendrive comes with a smaller design and you will get a white finish with this product. This tiny pendrive can fit anywhere in your bag or wallet. The pendrive is quite quirky to look at for its retractable design that is made out of two-colour plastic.

Plus, the pendrive is also very light and compact. The company has given a plastic portion on the back for a better grip and a hole to put a strap. It is available on Amazon for this price.

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Western Digital Store

We bring the best for you! All you need to do is explore our extensive designs for corporate flash drives and pick up a design and a colour that complements your business or company profile.

As a wholesale pen drives supplier , Printland can provide you with a cost-effective deal on promotional pen drives. Buy USB Flash drives in bulk and get a solution to your promotional needs for a long time to come.

Credit Card OTG Pen Drive

These pen drives do not necessitate expensive packaging or printing either. From the utility point of view, we offer various storage options in our pen drives. The low memory pen drives are obviously cheaper than the high memory ones, but practical to use in case of mostly word-based data.

Verified Pen Drives Coupons, Offers and Promo Codes | Oct 12222

If picture or video data needs to be processed or transferred the higher end drives are suggested. Company logo printed pen drives are another great option that bring the concept of personalization to the fore. If you would like to bring in an element of unique identification to the promotional pen drive, you could explore the option of getting the names of your top clients or potential customers printed on one side of the pen drive, while the other side has the name of your company and its logo. Our corporate flash drives would prove to be a great idea for your marketing strategy, as these promotional pen drives make for a brilliant take-away from any public relations exercise or event.

These pen drives — when printed with the name and logo of your company — will serve as a brand reminder every time they are used. Their high utility value, clubbed with the exquisite designs and quality of branded chips of Samsung Toshiba and Hynix inside them, make these business pen drives a perfect buy.

Best OTG Pen Drives in India

Of course, they also prove to be value for money. Why not explore these promotional USB Flash drives next time round you plan a corporate event? Gifts For Her.